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Highest Team Totals
1107 Victoria v New South Wales Melbourne 1926-27
1059 Victoria v Tasmania Melbourne 1922-23
952-6d Sri Lanka v India Colombo 1997-98
951-7d Sind v Baluchistan Karachi 1973-74
944-6d Hyderabad v Andhra Pradesh Hyderabad 1993-94
918 New South Wales v South Australia Sydney 1900-01
912-8d Holkar v Mysore Indore 1945-46
910-6d Railways v Dera Ismail Khan Lahore 1964-65
903-7d England v Australia The Oval 1938
887 Yorkshire v Warwickshire Birmingham 1896
863 Lancashire v Surrey The Oval 1990
860-6d Tamil Nadu v Goa Panjim 1988-89
849 England v West Indies Kingston 1929-30
843 Australians v Combined Universities* Portsmouth 1893
839 New South Wales v Tasmania Sydney 18989-9
826-4 Maharashtra v Western India States Poona 1948-49
824 Lahore Greens v Bahawalpur Lahore 1965-66
821-7d South Australia v Queensland Adelaide 1939-40
815 New South Wales v Queensland Sydney 1908-09
811 Surrey v Somerset The Oval 1899
810-4d Warwickshire v Durham Birmingham 1994
807-6d Bombay v Hyderabad Bombay 1990-91
807 New South Wales v South Australia Adelaide 1899-1900
805 New South Wales v Victoria Melbourne 1905-06
803-4d Kent v Essex Brentwood 1934
803 Non-Smokers v Smokers East Melbourne 1886-87
802-8d Karachi v Lahore Peshawar 1994-95
802 New South Wales v South Australia Sydney 1920-21
801 Lancashire v Somerset Taunton 1895
800 North Zone v West Zone Bhilai 1987-88

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